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Life for me has been far from boring.
I'm still married to my high school sweetheart,going on 37 years! WOW!
We were voted "cutest couple" in 1969 and I'm sure the title still holds!
Due to my husbands ambitious career path and entreprenueurial spirit, we have moved over 18 times, lived in 8 different states and 3 countries(New Zealand being my favorite.)
I have many moving and buying and selling stories I love to share with you.
REAL ESTATE is just a natural fit for me and I have sold professionally and for myself off and on for 24+ years.
THIS is why I can boast of being
UNIQUELY QUALIFIED.....I can relate-- and help eliminate many of the concerns and possible pit-falls of moving.Across town or around the world. I can help.
I'm can also say that after living in so many different places,Nashville is where we've decided to settle down.We couldn't find a better place to call home - we tried!


madonna loves to help buyers and sellers find a new home only second to spending time with her family.